What Our Clients

Are Saying

"My THANKS to your crew. Due to their extraordinary efforts in the early parts of this week, we are WELL ahead of schedule on the work. As always, they meshed very well with my guys and together, made HUGE strides in the removal and exchange of the extruder barrels on this line. I will be documenting the methods that they employed to safely and quickly remove (and install) the extruder barrels. Their methods will become a company-wide standard.

My thanks again to the great guys at Bane-Nelson for the continued support and excellent responsiveness. I know that I can always count on you guys."

Plant Engineer
Graham Packaging LC, L.P

"Thank you to you and your crew for the work you performed for us today. I applaud the professionalism and experience your crew exhibited during the entire job.  Thank you for arranging this work so quickly."


Little Lady Foods

"On behalf of the Village, we THANK YOU!  Your employees attention to the construction of the new buildings was excellent.  Our Police Dept. stated the job sites were always cleaned up at days end with no worries of injuries due to debris in restricted work sites, because of your companies safety measures.  Concern for a well finished product was as much your concern as it was ours.  We are proud of the work your men did for us, and know that we were fortunate to have had Bane-Nelson as our builders."


Village of Silver Lake

"I wish to thank all of the people on your staff who did such a terrific job on the concrete work. They were very professional, courteous and hardworking. The quality of work and professionalism of your staff was excellent from beginning to end of the project.  Please thank the employees of Bane-Nelson for a job well done!"


Kenosha, WI

"The staff of Bane-Nelson provided us with guidance and encouragement which helped us to translate our dream into reality.  We are very proud of the finished product.  Our thanks and appreciation to the staff of Bane-Nelson, to the contractors and to the workers for making our dream come true."


Kenosha Union Club

"I want to express in writing my deep appreciation to you and the wonderful people at Bane-Nelson for the excellence of your work.  I was especially struck by the character of the Bane-Nelson workers.  They seemed to be men of integrity, very friendly, and committed to excellence in their work.  It caused me to think very highly of Bane-Nelson and its management."


Baptist Tabernacle

"Your guys did a great job today and yesterday getting the evaporator moved and our roof top units on the roof. All went according to plan which is often unusual.  Thank you for everything... excellent!!!!"



"Bane-Nelson put the people on the job to deliver the project on time, so we could move forward with our business plans without delays."


Prairie Side True Value